Previously told you guys that I've braved the worst and joined Youngstar x NBS's short fiction contest. Here is my entry. Don't judge me.

Or do. :)

Here goes:

Everything was hot, hot and sticky. 

Sweat clung to their napes and to their hair and ran down their temples and behind their knees. 

It was burning. It was a sauna. It was days like these when they thought about freedom. Away from the city, just away. Away from the thick, soupy air, from dust and traffic and heat.

Up, up and away.

She was the shy girl. She was scared of people.

He was the boy who couldn’t care less.

It was a day like this. 

The boy fleeing from the heat and the girl being at the right place, at the right time.

Or at the wrong time, perhaps.

It was hot, so hot.

Sand was in her toes. The sun was in his eyes.

He liked to frown. It was a very handsome frown and she thought he was a good frowner. She liked to stare. He was pretty sure she wasn’t aware of the staring. He knew her from school; she was the girl manning the front desk who almost died because of the pearls in her milk tea. Or so the rumour went.

He raised his eyebrows at her. The girl shrunk and scurried away, a frightened mouse.

Her heart. He made her heart beat way too fast. Too fast, too soon, too much.

He was good-looking. She knew him from school; she knew where he parked his car every morning andhow he broke its bumper and his arm one night. He was a rumour, the gossip in cafeterias and the girls’room. He was stuff of school legend. He liked to frown.

She decided she liked him.

He thought she was strange, like a trinket or a sand dollar.

It was hot, but he smiled.

It was going to be a long summer.

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