#WMYW 012: Heated Elections and Love from Moms

Hey ho, everyone!

I know it's been quite a bit since I really, really wrote something down so I just wanted to take this moment and just...ah...feel the zen.

Summer, for some reason, you have brought out the workaholic in me. I think today is a really wonderful time to just chill. But I won't have much chill for long though--- Mothers Day is upon us any minute now and I have to go do breakfast for the mother. :)


Guys, how have you been?

There's been a lot going on all over the place. Important things, like Harry Styles cutting his hair. Or Digong Duterte's million-strong rally. Or elections being just around the corner. Or me doing sunny side ups in a few.

First, I think Harry cutting his hair is great.

Second, whoever wins the elections- I hope they will do a good job in running the country. It's not an easy task but here's to hoping that this time, we use our brains and vote the right candidate. The one most deserving of the post, not just the one who is most popular. I'm quite happy with how all of this turned out---the people are more involved thanks to social media. The channels for correct research are more accessible. The people, it seems, are finally conscious at last. I just hope this sense of nationality soldiers on, not just until the new president gets elected but, well, forever. :)

Third, I'm just really happy to be home on a weekend like this. I miss writing freely. I hate writing business emails at work. They are just so lifeless, you can't even add a smiley face. Haha.

Oh well.

I pray for a safe election day come Monday, 

And I pray for the good health of all the mothers in the whole wide world.


K x

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