Hi! This is Part One of our Perfect Girl thingy series, in which we try to find the true cause of the perfect girl's singleness. 

Hello, Perfect Girl.

By all standards, you ought to be the girl every guy wants to take home to momma.

You got the list pretty much checked, don't you?

Good daughter,sister,friend-- check.

Have a nice fulfilling career? Check.

Fashion and beauty? Ugh, you look like you stepped out of a BAYO and The Face Shop catalog, check and check!

Doesn't stay out late, drink too much nor smoke? Well-traveled? Know at least one good dish to impress future in-laws? Well, you're still working on that dish, but you can check that one off too, because you're a fast learner.

So why is no one actually taking you home to mama?

Let's break it down.

Expectation:  Perfect Girls deserve the Perfect Guy. (They do, right?)

Since you are the Perfect Girl, you deserve the Perfect Guy:

One handsome dude who goes to the gym and would sweep you off your feet in his recent-model sportscar and take you to nice cafes and dinners out, be at your every beck and call, and patiently, patiently stick with your requests whilst being great at his job as a protege/CEO/COO.

In short, a real live modern day prince charming who knows what to say at exactly the right time.

You deserve this guy, right? Right?

Reality: Perfect guys don't exist anymore.

At least, in that packaging.

We're not saying chivalry is dead, or that there's just no good guys out there anymore. It's just that "Prince Charmings" these days are rocking the Prince-Charmings-disguised-as-Paupers look. They lurk under those scruffy band shirts, or loose-fit jeans. They get haircuts at the barbershop sa eskina. They don't drive sportscars. They're messy eaters and they watch too much MMA matches.

But the Perfect Girl must learn to look beyond all that. What we've learned in all our long two decades in this world is that, sometimes the best guys are the ones who are works in progress. And that just because they aren't Standard Issue Dashing Dudes doesn't mean they can't sweep you off your feet. He may not have a car, but he could be the one who braves the commute just to spend time with you.

 Change your idea about your Perfect Guy. No, don't lower your standards---change it. Go beyond the looks and the bling.

So he doesn't check all the boxes in your list. But ask yourself: do you even have the right list? :)

Root-Cause of Singleness:

Failure to distinguish Prince Charmings in Paupers clothing.

Action Plan:

Revise expectations re: perfect guy.

I hope this helps. Or at least gave some insight? I don't know I'm not a boy-whisperer but I think I'm kind of right sometimes. Ha~

Think about it. :)

Watch out for Part Two, coming soon. 

All the love,

K x

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