WMYW #010


Lately, I've been feeling so uninspired with the blog. Internally exhausted and I don't know why. I hope you didn't notice but it's been kind of hard to get me to post stuff since the beginning of this year. 

I don't know why I'm in such a slump; I really wish I weren't.

I feel like I need a jumpstart to get my mojo back.

I feel like I should, like, doodle or something. 

Currently I am:

  • Watching Clark and Leah battle it out emotionally and fix their relationship and not be sad anymore. LDR is the worst.
  • Live-posting this OTWOL episode just because I couldn't watch it, normally, on any other day. I've been off for the last four days. I want it to last forever.
  • Fangirling over Paulo Avelino because he looks so damn hot with those silly hipster glasses. How can something so silly look so good on him.
  • James Reid, tho. James Reid crying. James Reid begging you na piliin me nemen ako. James Reid crying.
  • Trying to get my mojo back by eating donuts of assorted flavors, sizes and colors.
Oh, wish me luck, will you?

I think this is me wanting to catch up with real life; big decisions are coming my way soon and maybe this is me being anxious too.

I hope I can get my mojo back. 



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