Let me post this before I lose my nerve. 

It's been a very eventful weekend full of getaways, baby showers, and moments where one randomly bursts into song---literally. But of course we save the best one for last:

Valentines Day.

See, I am a Valentine Grinch who doesn't believe in Valentines Day. I am basically Scrooge, but female and with better taste in clothes. So, anyway.

I believe that Valentines Day is nothing but a commercial activity completely unrelated to love whatsoever. I told this to Pearl, my dear beloved and slightly dysfunctional friend, who is 1/4 of Purple Box Pastries, who, in turn, are running Valentine's Day-themed goodies and services.

Pearl also believes in the idea that VDay is a myth and the only acceptable male relationship that she will have in her life is that with James Reid (preferably wearing badass work boots and nothing else). But she doesn't feel bad about selling love-related things like cookies and mini-cakes on Valentines Day because her food is yummy and it makes lovers happy. It's a win-win for everyone.

I'd been mentally halfway through  my "13 Things I Find Totally Annoying On Valentines Day" when it happens.

Whilst waiting in line for Deadpool, Boyfriend says, Hey let's go to Fully Booked I have a reservation.

A reservation for what?

A WWE book.

A WWE book?


Wait don't' tell me. Is this where you tell me you're---John Cena??

Boyfriend laughs dismissively, like my inquiries weren't valid.

Something was up and it was fishy.

But I went along. We went to Fully Booked. My Spidersense has been activated.

After browsing through the books, I see her.


The traitor.

Who hands over one of their chocolate ganache mini cakes and two roses.

(c) Purple Box Pastries
Panic ensues. Boyfriend has set me up for their special Valentine delivery services!

How could he?!

I may or may not have slapped Pearl with the roses.

How could you, Boyfriend? How could you make me into---one of them rose-bringing, chocolate-toting, loved-up people?

Mark this as The Year Boyfriend Decided to Withhold Information From Me.

Boyfriend, who has never lied to me all my life.

Boyfriend--earnest and cavalier Boyfriend-- who has never ever been successful at planning things, because I always catch him at it and he always budges.

You know, Krish, some people would call this a surprise, not a betrayal. I told myself.

This is a good thing, Krish.

And then I read his card and my heart melts a little (just a little). Fine, boyfriend wanted to go for special, albeit cliche. Which was cute okay.

A for effort, though! And even if it dented my rep as a badass Valentine Scrooge, it was one of the more memorable Valentine's day to be had. Also props to Pearl and the rest of Purple Box Pastries for going out on a limb, and for baking the most awesome Valentine cakes I've had thus far.

A (begrudging) good job to you and Boyfriend for your teamwork. :)

Good thing I watched Deadpool to wash the cheesiness away.

(But secretly, thank you, it was the one time of the year you were nice to me, Pearl. Because business.)

And that kids, was how the Valentine Grinch got schooled.

Okay now come at me with your Valentine stories. :) Corny or not, I'll take em. But I still prefer to call it Singles' Awareness Day. Ha!

All the love,

K x

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