Happy Christmas again, everyone! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful and meaningful celebration this year. I hope you got your wishlist items too! This year I got one shirt, one bag and about 57 notebooks. :D 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to write and doodle. They keep me sane. So, thank you to all the friends and family for giving me  notebooks this year (as if I don't have enough already). This is their subtle way of saying "We care about your mental health, Krish" :)

Writing is breathing; when I get asthma, my pen and paper are like my nebulizers. I find that they're pretty handy. And socially acceptable, versus talking to yourself in public because you're thinking too much.

I like starting the year with an unruled notebook/journal instead of an actual planner unlike most people. I love blank spaces for all my wandering thoughts. It's also a nice place to make checklists.

Anyway, here, I've listed down 4 of my favorite notebooks/journals to help you sail through the New Year. 

Drawing Journal from Typo

This is one of my favorites so far. My cousin Carol--lover of cute things,bless her heart-- got this for me as pasalubong from Dubai, at Typo. I'm not sure if there's a Typo shop here at home but I love, love, love this because the pages are assorted.

See? You can actually use a page to suit your current mood or thought. My favorite page design is the post card one. It's so cute!

It's also hardbound and soooo thick, it could last ages. The pages are perfect for doodles, scribbles and drawings. That's why it's called the Drawing Journal, right? :)

Cute Star Thingy Craft Notebook from SM Department Store

I really don't know what this notebook is called. All I know is SM City Cebu's Department Store can actually be a secret trove of cute journals. You just have to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right stocks delivered. :) This one is my 2014 journal, the faithful thing. Been with me through my adventures and frustrations.

 The star used to have a red rubber star sticker on it but it's been lost somewhere. Ha. 

This is from a Korean brand. Koreans love cute things, don't they? It even has a lock thingy. Made of the same paper, but hey, nice touch; it makes you think that important, secret stuff are written here. :) Reminds me of Gansey's journal from the Raven Boys.

The pages vary from brown and cream, so we've nicknamed it a mango float notebook. :P

It's handy, too, so it's perfect for those musings while on the road, or for one's futile attempts at lettering and typography. :)

Perfect for long and personal thoughts as it's so writable; the paper is of very nice quality---not too thick nor too thin. It's just begging for you to write on it. All in all one of the best journals I have ever had. :)

Mustache Journal from SM Department Store

This one is my 2015 find. Isn't it so cute. :D

And this time, I've managed to keep the felt stickers in place! I often go for the handy-dandy journals so I had some doubts with this one because it's quite big and squarish, but thankfully, I've gotten over those. Its size is actually good for writing spur-of-the-moment thoughts and stories---those ones that need to be written quick and big and in the most scribbly way.

In other words, my Harry Styles fanfictions. Kidding. :)

Most of my blog content gets made here too, because it has a lot of space to come up with stuff so I guess this notebook is where the magic happens. 

It's almost square, and not as thick as the star notebook. It's pages are thinner paper, but smoother.

It's also a mango float notebook.

Just look at all those rambly notes. 

Productive or what.

BDJ Forget-Me-Not Ideas Journal from Fully Booked

This pink and oh-so-lovely BDJ journal is my latest haul. It's also the most expensive one at around Php200 plus---good thing it was given as a Kris Kringle present (thanks Pearl)! 

All of the other journals I've bought are just around Php100. :)

This one is pocket-friendly, hardbound, matte and obviously very pink. Why is it pink, it's soooo cute. Definitely adds color to your life.

As you see, it's not so thick and is not a mango float notebook, but the leaves are high GSM so I guess that's great. I haven't written anything on it yet. I'm scared I'll damage it, lol. For now I'm still fangirling over something that I wasn't willing to shell out money on, but got anyway. Haha.

The pages are dotted. I haven't had a dotted-pages journal before. :)

I hope it really "brims with creativity".

So there! :)

Journals are actually a great way to record your thoughts and goals. I know some people prefer the good old tweet or Facebook rant but for me, nothing beats writing stuff down. Over time, you can actually read back and see how you've fared and how much you've grown. There's something nice seeing one's handwriting from a few years back. It's like reading a letter from an old friend. Haha.

So what do you think? Ready to get a journal for yourself this new year?

I hope you have a blessed year ahead!


Krish :)

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