Fact: Food at the workplace can never compare to good old home-cooked meals. Fastfoods can make you fat and/or kill you and sometimes, the lady at the pantry doesn't serve you enough humba during lunch time.

That's why we're so happy The Food Crib is here to save the day. :)

The Food Crib is this genius idea by our friends at work, Rolins and Joyce. They have a selection of home-cooked food that they take with them to our workplace. Just like a food-ordering service!

They text us the day's menu, we order and eat! 

It's, of course, an instant hit at the office. With choices that range from humba to beef stroganoff to chicken curry, you're assured a happy lunch. Omnomnom. :D

All time favorite is their humba, which comes in big chunks and a timpla that would remind  you of your mum's cooking. Guilty, fatty goodness.

Then there's the badass chicken curry, which everyone loves:

Let's not forget their beef stroganoff:

photo from The Food Crib
I love the stroganoff because it's got a lot of mushrooms, the beef is tender and the sauce is made with a citrusy hint that compliments the creamy flavors so well. It's like something you can buy off a restaurant. :D

photo from The Food Crib

They sure have a lot of yummy things going on, but here is my absolute favorite: their Pinoy-style spaghetti!

photo from The Food Crib

It's full of sauce and creaminess, really Filipino timpla. It's like a treat when you're having a bad day. 

The Food Crib also serves food with sides. Their porkchops and steak a la  pobre is served with perfectly seasoned tortang talong to balance out the meatiness. 

So yummy.

photo from The Food Crib

The best part is their grub is so affordable, ranging from Php65-80 per order, which already includes rice. :)

So don't be sad if the holidays are almost over. 

The Food Crib is here to save the day!

For orders or inquiries, you can contact them thru their FB page here. :)

Or send them an SMS of your food SOS (haha, see what I did there?) here: 0922 646 9740

Happy eating!

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