I know, ever since I saw Harry Potter it's always been Happy Christmas! :)

I hope it's a joyful day for everyone; after all we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus. The little boy born today would go on to save us all, our great eternal hope. :) Happy birthday Jesus! :)

 I had a very melancholy piece written earlier, too. It's about our house being so lonely now that most of our extended family have moved away. Mind you, there are eight of us in the family and we still found this Christmas quite---quiet. :) I decided to delete that post, because it's so whiny. Lots of other people are away from home, or are spending Christmas without loved ones, or are at work. So instead of feeling sad for myself because of old traditions dearly missed, I'm just gonna thank God that we've been blessed with so much provision and good health.

It's Jesus' birthday after all; no need to feel sad over anything. :)

So, from my family to yours, a blessed Christmas!

:) :) :)

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