I'm not even gonna try to pretend: I can't afford to be in places like Movenpick Mactan. Sure, I can try, but that might mean I won't have to eat for at least 2 weeks. So when some of our lovely friends at AIM Global mentioned that we can come by and see the place (for free, as long as we keep to ourselves and not be crazy enough to take a dip in their awesome pool), we quickly jumped the opportunity to see just what the rave is all about.

I brought my sisters along. Let me first say that 80% of this trip was about to take photos of us, so I'll apologize for showing so much of our lovely faces . One thing is for sure: their lobby is one of the best lobbies I have ever seen. Some call it Mediterranean, I call it easy, breezy. It doesn't run out of gentle and refreshing breezes. The color scheme is my life's goal for my future living room. If only I can get a beach front property first....

The place is all clean lines and blue-on-white relaxation. Think Santorini, Greece and all your lovely fanfiction daydreams about walking into your favorite popstar whilst lounging on the beach. Except here. your daydreams can actually come true.

When we had our fill of the pretty indoors, it was time to get out into the sunshine and see just what the beachfront is about. Remember that we are but bums, so we don't have the guts to wander into the otherwise lovely pool area. The poolside bar, Ibiza, might just bankrupt me but hey, it looked pretty good.

I've always resented the fact that most of Mactan's pretty white sands have already been taken by big resorts like Movenpick. Movenpick had their small but gorgeous piece of shore. 

After wandering some more, we finally got a hint that if we stayed any longer, we'd be burnt and down with heat stroke. Before long, it was time to say goodbye. We made our way back and promised to save enough to come here and have a staycation.

We'll be back soon, Movenpick. Or maybe not so soon, depending on how much I can save. If I can. Sponsor me instead? Ha!

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