Sometimes you wish you could just randomly take off, leave everything behind and go chase that life-changing adventure. I've been told it's a leap of faith, and I've been told it's liberating. It's should feel like the first clean breath you've drawn in a long time. You only live once, after all. 

Chasing adventures is not easy. It takes guts and heart, your entire mind and soul to set out and live life instead of just earning a living. I'm not a big adventurer myself. Most of the time I consider myself a fraud. I spend so much time buried in books or in the office, looking out the window and wondering what life would be like if I just lived it. I'm no real island girl as long as I rely on the comfort of my bed and books and the blessed comforts of my microwave and indoor plumbing.

So here's me saying I'll probs be out of the internet, and start trying to live my life. I want to show beautiful things in this blog; wonderful things about God's handiwork, my beautiful country, places, stories, people. And this weekend I plan to seek out just that.

Summer is finally looking good to me. Tomorrow we set out for Kalanggaman island, Palompon's hidden gem. Are you excited? I sure am. 

I hope you have a great summer.



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