How To Shoot Street Photos In Cebu Even When You Are Arte and Talawan: A Quick and Easy Guide

Hello, all!

It is another lovely summer day and for some wonderful reason, I am back writing. Yay!

What I am not doing, however, is being out there on the streets, taking gorgeous photos of dear old Cebu and beyond.

Your girl has aged 70 years over the summer, it seems. I'm all for milk teas and cafes currently, but I'm sure I'll get over this slump and go out on an epic adventure one of these days.

In the meantime, let me share some tried and tested tips on how to enjoy shooting street photos even if the thought kind of makes you nervous. I know, I started out pretty scared at first (as you'll see here), but soon found out that shooting street is one of the best things you can do.

Here are a few tips on how to have a blast while shooting street, even when you're nervous/scared/clueless:

1. Leave your kaartehan in Colonnade's courtesy booths.

You're here to shoot street: be ready for the nitty, the gritty and everything in between. You're gonna get sweaty and dusty and you gotta take it all in stride. It's all part of the wonderful experience--- this way you can get to know your city's nook and crannies better.

That being said...

2. Dress comfortably

Wear comfy clothes and shoes, something nice and hayahay. Nothing that would call a lot of attention to oneself, either, because we're not here to shoot OOTDs. We're here to shoot everything else.

I personally like white cotton shirts and denim shorts. You'll be walking around a lot when you go on a photo walk so it would make sense to wear footwear that can take a beating. I have trust issues with slippers (even Islander ones! haha) so I wear sturdy slip-ons or sandals instead. :)

3. Bring water

It can still be pretty hot, even in the afternoons, so keeping hydrated is a must! This means you may pee a lot along the way as well. I keep tabs on all the good restrooms, just in case (because I'm arte like that ;))

4. Keep it discreet

For me, shooting street is all about blending in with the environment and being a quiet observer. That being said, keep things discreet. Bring gear that won't call too much attention to you. For me, that means taking my 50mm for a spin, instead of the bulkier kit lens. I'd take a nice, black mirrorless camera if I can (but I can't because I'm broke haha). Just make sure you secure and strap your camera on your person properly so you don't drop it accidentally.

I don't really like to take my phone out on photowalks, especially in downtown. Like it or not, those things can get snatched easier than a camera, so for safety, I just keep it stowed away in my sling bag, which I keep in front of me.

If you're in for it, you might even want to ditch your digital camera or phone and try those disposable analog cameras instead. They're a different kind of challenge, but they can be really fun as well.

5. Take someone with you

If you don't feel so safe walking around on your own, bring a friend. Preferably a guy at least 5'8'' in height, athletic and can run any potential threats down with martial arts skills, like a bodyguard. :) Kidding aside, it's fun to shoot in good company so don't hesitate to go with friends who enjoy taking photos as well.

6. Carpe the hell out of that diem :)

Street photography is all about living in the moment. It's observing the little things--- the slant of afternoon light hitting the buildings, the expressions of people around you, the tiny nuances. Some people like to map their route, others just go where their feet take them. Whichever road you take, don't forget to soak in the experience. Explore places, look for other vantage points. Most importantly, have tons of fun and seize the heck out of that day!

Well, that's it for me. If you enjoy street photography as much as I do, please drop a comment or share this post to anyone who's a bit scared or apprehensive to go on a photowalk. Let's be friends!

Til the next post lovelies,

K x

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