Bantayan Bliss (Or, How To Enjoy Bantayan Island If You Hate Summer Parties)

It's not a secret that I don't like parties, much. In fact, this whole blog is kind of a love letter to how much I dislike parties and to all boys and girls who might feel the same.

I especially find beach parties unbearable. Beach parties in islands like Bantayan--- extra unbearable.

I certainly haven't been in one but a tugsh-tugsh party beat, the press of sweaty bodies, trash along the beach and the sharp reek of beer isn't something I'd be driving 4 hours to experience (actually, it's something I'd really want to avoid).

Nope, for a non-party animal, I think the best way enjoy Bantayan island would be to just soak in the island life. You come here to "get away from the city", don't you? So get away from it. :)

When I first came to Bantayan, I really thought it would be just another pretty postcard place. And living in a pretty postcard island myself, the idea didn't appeal to me, until I got to see the island for myself.

Here are some photos of Bantayan island, all peaceful and tranquil and away from the dread summer crowd:

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