Okay so it's February and everyone's gathering arms for the Fourteenth. Teenagers are busy saving up their allowances to buy those weird teddy bear bouquet things and some such. The road to IT Park will be choked with traffic because of dates. And then there's you--- off to one corner, a true member of the #NBSBsForLife or a board member of Camp Sawi.

Fear not.

I've created this list to help you find true love* in Cebu. Easy solution. More chances of winning. Tuloy-tuloy sa jackpot round. You are welcome.

*Disclaimer: May or may not be true love. Who are we kidding. More of very strong affections, or at least, a capable date. 

Sugbo Mercado

What can I say? Sugbo Mercado is one of the best weekend markets in the city. That means more people. And more people = more chances of winning. 

Imagine yourself just waiting in line for some lemonade at John Lemon or some churros at nearby Papa Churros. Imagine someone bumping into you or sharing their table with you. And you end up having a great conversation under the fairy lights, over some really good paella and burgers? Isn't that something out of a LizQuen movie? It truly is.You'd even have background music, thanks to the live entertainment.

Kidding aside, I love the vibe at Sugbo. Although it can definitely get crowded, the variety of food that you get is worth it. So if you can't find true love, at least you found the perfect pad thai or bbq ribs, right? Very right.


Say what you will, but Abellana is a treasure trove of love stories waiting to happen. People from many walks of life come here to train and jog and exercise. What are the chances of you finding your true love here? Very high. 

He could be the guy running laps beside you. Or the girl with the yoga mat. Or the lazy-ass that's desperately trying to keep up--oh wait, that's me. Haha. Anyway, can you imagine how cute it would be? It's going to be so cute--- like a Korean TV Drama (think: Weight Lifting Fairy lol). It could all be  hot and sweaty, too, you know, from all the running and zumba-ing. There's a good chance that both of you are health buffs or are determined enough to be healthy. Either way looks like a great start.

Co-working Spaces!

Co-working spaces are the bomb. They are just meet-cutes waiting to happen to the nerdy people. You. Laptop. Latte. Potential lover on the next table with same laptop. And latte. Match made in HTML. Boom. With this in mind, you might want to hang around A-Space in Banilad or at Workplace Cafe.

Airports and various other terminals

If you've seen it in the movies, it must be true in real life. So there won't be a guy running through security to declare his undying love for you. But there might be a guy in the terminal who's gonna be stuck with you for an hour long flight, right? Airports give me a lot of optimism. It's a place where people converge. Your paths literally cross. Who's to tell your one true love wouldn't be there?


Alegria is a magical place. It just comes alive. The beauty of it is it's in between all the tourist-heavy places, so there's not much noise and but it's not that secluded either. Alegria is picturesque. A perfect background for a sunset kiss. With whom, well, that bit is up to you. But I hope you find them in this magical little town.


Well, things have failed: you need divine intervention. Kidding. My mum always said you should try to find your one true love in a church. I found mine in gym class, so I'm not sure if that's exactly true but, there's no harm in hoping and praying, really.

Personally, Redem is one of the prettiest churches in the city. It's so quaint. A little pocket of peace and quiet in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Mango. Maybe one afternoon mass you'll find the person of your dreams there. Maybe you're someone else's prayer. Wow--- totally got that from Googoo Dolls, but hey. If it works, it works, right?

Ok, that's the end of the list.

Godspeed in finding that one true love!

Any other place you can think about? Please don't include Queensland.

Have a great Valentine's Day!

K x

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