It should be easy right?

When you are 20-something and ready for the world, it should be easy to pack your bags and leave your little home town in search for something bigger, right?

So why is it so hard to leave Cebu?
I tried to narrow it down to four reasons:

Cebu has the best of both worlds

Call me biased. I've been born and raised here, after all. Living in a developing country, one should want to get out and get more from the world, right? But Cebu kind of has everything you need, it's hard to move away. 

We have the best of both worlds. We're a city-island-mountain-beach-tech province.

We're both a big city and a small town. High-flying businesses and idyllic provincial life co-exist in the same island. Michelin-star chefs have restos in the same city where puso hangs from street vendors. High end resorts sit on the same beach as backpacker hostels. The sea and the mountain are an hour within each other.

We're an island of pretty contradictions.

Cebu is pretty AF

Speaking of pretty, there's really no arguing with this one. Cebu is undeniably beautiful. How can you leave a place this pretty? Sometimes it overwhelms me that people from all over the world come to the island to have the vacation of their lives, whereas I can simply call it home. It's wonderful to live in paradise.

Cebu wants to be loved

Scratch that, Cebu demands to be loved. When you're here, you just can't help but to fall headfirst in it's charms. We're an island full of wonderful, creative and tough-talking people and Cebu wants nothing less from us. Cebu wants the best. She wants your passions and she wants to turn it into something. She wants your homage and dedication. She wants you to speak her language, Bisaya.

She wants you to be better--- to make her better.

And you can't help but comply, because you love her. And even if you've gone far and away, she's always in your heart. You'll always #represent.

Cebu is your home

And home is where the heart is, right? Home is where you belong, and there is nothing quite like it. Life may be a challenge here in the island. Sure, it's always going to be a challenge. But isn't it beautiful to grow and pursue your endeavors while being at home?

And I guess this is the hardest reason. It's hard to leave Cebu because your heart is set in it. It's kind of a difficult place to replace. :)

So that's it. Four reasons. Wherever life may take you today, never forget that  you'll always have a home in the island.

All the love, 

K x

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