What is life? Why are we hustling? Why do we exhaust ourselves in toil and some such nasty business?

In the midst of hustling and working we may be, but we sure are glad we'd always have Plantation Bay.

Plantation's kind of like those places you never expect to exist in the island. For us everyday island dwellers, Mactan is usually made up of exhaust, traffic and puto sikwate and Sinyang. Rarely French breakfast buffets and serene lagoons. 

But we're not complaining, either.

Our favorite part of it is that it makes you want to stay there forever and forget all the pending work you left on your cubicle. I wish my to-do list included biking around the lot, wall-climbing, paddle-boarding, dolphin sightings.

Sigh, if only we could.

Can we please stay here forever?

No, really, can we?

Here's to forever vacations,

K x

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