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“Samuka oi,” Nikki spat, yanking her arm away from Josh’s grip.

Breathe. She needed to breathe.

They’d escaped the crowd somehow, but not without damage. Her hair was a mess and Josh sported a little scratch on his cheek. Her heels threatened to break as she wobbled on the uneven asphalt of the road. Josh tried to steady her but she pulled her arm away.

Everything he touched stung and burned.

Deep breaths Nik, deep breaths.

Where were they? She could still hear the odd beating of the bass and the rumble of the crowd, but it sounded far-away. The night was suddenly clearer, the musty smell of alcohol and bodies washed away by a cool breeze that left goosebumps in its wake.

And instead of laser lights, there was the odd, yellow glow of the backstreet’s lamp posts. It cast a warm glow over Josh’s face.



Nikki noticed her heart never slowed down.

“Nik,” he rasped, “Okay ra ka?” His gaze was suddenly solemn, raking over her, inspecting for bruises and injuries. She tried not to shiver.

How many nights, Nik? How many nights did you wish for Josh to look at you like this?

She caught his eyes for a beat and in the yellow light they looked lighter than she’d ever remembered them. His long lashes cast a shadow on his pretty face.


10 months later, she was still in deep, deep shit.

Endless weekends with beautiful faceless boys should have been enough, shouldn’t it? The alcohol should have numbed her nerves and heart. Mango Avenue was supposed to be a fortress she scampered to and hid whenever stupid memories threatened to come to the surface. And now she realized all that was for nothing. Josh had been spotting her all this time and he never once looked jealous like she’d planned. Instead she was still the little kid he needed to watch, to babysit.

She wanted to laugh. At herself, at this boy and who was the stupider of them two. So she steeled herself, flipped her gold-streaked hair back and put on her favorite mask.

“I should go back,” she said.

Josh’s eyes widened, “Nabuang na ka? Didn’t you see that stampede? You could’ve been hurt,” the serious note in her voice made her want to flinch, “Let me take you home.”

Nikki tried to swallow. The cool night air burned in her lungs.

“I can make my way home from here,” she said, her voice hoarse.

“Nik, don’t be like this,” he said. And it stung, more than it should.

“Don’t be like what? A difficult bitch?”

“Nik,” he pleaded.

“I’m fine. I can take care of myself, see? No need to look after the little girl.” She could see the hurt flash in his eyes, throwing the words he used ten months ago right back at him. She tried to sneer.

“Nik, don’t---”

“Whatever, Josh.”

A taxi sped by and Nik muttered a prayer of thanks. She hailed it and before Josh could stop her, she was already telling the driver to Go, go, go.

Nikki slumped in her seat and tried to stop the tears that threatened to ruin her mascara.

Author's Notes:

Hellooooo we are back to our regular Wednesday programming! Last week I missed it due to work and stuff but I'm glad to be back. With a vengeance! So much angst, right? A couple of things:

Samuka oi - an expression similar to "you're annoying" or "bug off". From the bisaya word "samok"= "annoying"

Nabuang na ka? - roughly translates to "are you insane?"

How did you find this episode?

Let me know please!

All the love,

K x

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