We don't know why we keep coming back to Moalboal but when we do, we like to take our sweet time.

What makes you special, Moalboal?

Is it the lazy afternoons spent in tree houses?

Or the white stretch of sand beckoning you to Go. Go see.

Sometimes we think it's the sea itself--- so many hidden treasures in its trenches and nooks and crannies.

Friendly reminder, Cebuano:
You live in paradise.

And we bet these kids know it more than we do, sometimes.

Perhaps Moalboal's charms come from it's contradictions, too, no?

One moment, you're in the throng of people looking for other people in the midst of summer...

...and at other times, you find yourself in the comfort of solitude, content to be away from the world.

Moalboal is our perfect escape, our back door, our quick fix

Our little place in the midst of Cebu's rolling hills.

Ooh, don't forget that wonderful southern sunset, too--- that's probably our favorite thing about Moalboal...

And yeah maybe that's the reason why

we always take our sweet, sweet time when we're sojourning in Moalboal

Love this place?

We do, too.

K x

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