There's a cafe in Cebu specializing in crepe cakes!

Welcome to Last Course Cafe

Last Course Cafe is located at the heart of Banilad, right in front of Sto. Nino Village's gate. You can find it easy enough. Parking spaces available.

We love how cool and tasteful the interiors are.

But the best part?

Crepe cakes waiting to be devoured! 
They are basically 25 layers of beautiful crepe piled on top of each other to form a yummy cake.

We've heard they are the first cafe to specialize in crepe cakes in Cebu.

Available flavors during our visit were Matcha, Mango, Rainbow and Chocolate. 

Look at that lovely:

Fay and I had Matcha and the Rainbow cake. It takes conscious effort to start digging in. They're too pretty.

We had a bit of hiccup with the rainbow cake--- it was quite, um, hard. Perhaps from spending a little too much time in the fridge?  :)

What we loved was that their staff offered to heat the cake so that we can slice through the layers. We loved the frosting- and of course the multi-colored layers.

The matcha flavor was full-bodied. Man, do they lay on the cream thick on this one. It was very, very matcha. 

Last Course not only has crepe cakes. They also have a pretty array of snacks and filling meals. We've barely scratched the surface.

It is a wonderful place to chill out with friends over great (and instagrammable) meals!

Last Course cafe is at 
Gov M Cuenco Ave, Banilad, Cebu City

Enjoy those crepe cakes! :)

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