Little things to remind you that adulting is okay and you can do it. :)

Pushing your own cart at Save More 

It may be full of Hello Panda but at least, it is yours. Bought and paid for.

Your first pay check or commission.

It does feel good, doesn't it?

Watching your city grow all around you. With you.

And knowing that you can be part of positive change, and that you are growing, too, as a person. 

The feel of your feet on the gas and the sound of the gears turning when you finally learn to drive manual for the first time.

And daydreaming of one day being able to drive so well you can speed past that annoying "naa koy car" guy, just to wipe that smirk off his face. Naa ka'y car? Naa sad ko, you're thinking. :)

Looking at Mango Ave and thinking aw jeez, I actually stayed out late for this place?

We were young and we didn't know any better. 

Booking a plane ticket and going on a flight alone for the first time.

It's a scary thrill, traveling alone and not knowing what to do with bags and boarding passes. Cherish it, like you should cherish all your first times.

The sound of your camera's shutter capturing something wonderful.

And catching that moment in time, making it last longer.

The burn in your lungs after a long, satisfying run at Abellana.

And working hard for a healthier body you can be proud to show off. Even if it hurts, even if it's tiring.

Watching a kid's face light up when you pass on your old toys, books and clothes.

Handing your mom her health insurance card and telling her to go to that check up, I got your back mom, don't worry.

Because you love the feeling of giving back, even if it's just a tiny bit.

Working hard for those savings and watching it grow.


Because the world needs more volunteers. Going out of your way for others gives you joy.

Seeing an old flame and feeling nothing but joy for the new girl in his life. Not that you'd ever been his, but you're happy for him, still, to have found love.

To find that kind of love for your own.

If not, then the thrill of knowing someone is out there for you.

Because someone is out there for you. You're someone else's prayer, whether you believe it or not. :)

Learning how to cook a satisfying meal.

Getting into intelligent discussions and finding common ground at the end of the day.

Hatching plans and making them happen.

Realizing that you're done waiting for life to happen, you're actually living it.

This is for your reference. Don't forget. Adulting is hard but you can do it. :)

You're doing a great job.

All the love, 

K x

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