Hello, and welcome to part 3 of our Perfect Girl series, in which we try to decode why the "perfect girl" is still single.

If you have been following, we have since taught the "perfect girl" that their prince charmings sometimes hide in plain sight, and that boys are not to be used as butlers (don't make him carry your bag, it don't match his shoes).

And now, the interesting part: some guys actually might think that you are too much for them.

Too pretty.

Too smart.

Too successful.

You, unintentionally, end up intimidating them.

Should you yield to this dude just so you could be at the "same level"?

Nope, absolutely not.

I know, it's funny because the past two root-cause analyses have been about giving guys a chance. But settling? No dice.

Here's a food for thought my college dean once told our class. I can't remember the exact words but the gist of it is this:

"I'd rather see you successful and single than married and miserable"

And it still rings true.

For one thing, I think a guy worthy of your trust and companionship should not be intimidated by you. If you are successful, so what? If you're smart, then, what about it? A guy should be able to hold his own and not feel less just because of what you want out of your life. He should encourage you to be your best and support you. He shouldn't be uncomfortable with it- he should be proud to have a girl like you. 

A girl who hustles, speaks her mind, is beautiful and never apologizes for it.

If a guy is truly invested in you, your achievements should not get in the way. And if he passes up the opportunity to be with you, don't let that make you feel less about yourself. 

It's his loss.

Root cause of singleness:

Inability to find a guy who can keep up

Action Plan:

Never settle for a guy who can't. It's the high road and will test your patience but you'd find it worth the wait.

Any thoughts?

All the love

K x

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