Did you know there are about 200 forgotten popes lying in wait in Danao City?

I didn't either until last year, when we drove by the Ramon Durano Foundation on our way back to the city. The Ramon Durano Foundation is a sprawling property in Danao where you can see the San Antonio de Padua church. The compound also has about 200 busts of Popes from like, the beginning of time and life-size tableaus depicting the mysteries of the rosary. Should be cool right?

Sadly, the once-impressive property has fallen into a state of distress. Nobody seems to  remember that this park still exists, and in the off chance that they still do, they're doing a very bad job at maintaining it. #sorrynotsorry 

The busts are crumbling and the life-size statues are vandalized. It seems like it's been years since the last paint job. There's shards of glass from the tableaus and the area is barren and empty. Really, this park is one of the sorriest and, thanks to the life-sized statues, creepiest places I've ever been to.

I'm not sure why the place is so badly maintained. Could it be the lack of funds? I felt sorry for the old popes. I have a really faded-out memory of having been here as a kid. Then, the bricks on were bright red and there was bermuda grass all over the place. I can't say the same for today.

It was a Palm Sunday when we decided to explore. Weird enough, no one was around the church premises, just a bunch of dogs that scared the living daylights out of me and my siblings.

It's obviously not the most touristy place to go to, but I think this park deserves to be revived to its former glory. The concept behind it is grand. I mean 200 popes? Seriously. I bet in its heyday this park had lots of visitors. It may have made so many Catholics proud and inspired. And the place is huge! This can probably serve as a hangout for families and friends on a nice Sunday afternoon when renovated and touched-up. I hope when I return, the park won't look like it does now.

This sad place definitely deserves its own makeover. 

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