Back when I was a kid I asked my mom to buy me a Britney Spears poster so that I can hang it in my room. My older cousin's room was full of N*SYNC's faces so I figured I could pester my mom into buying me some too. 

So she went to the market. When she came back, she bought a poster alright. But it was no Britney. No Christina. No Justin.

It was merely a poster that said "Children are the Heart of The Future." The text formed an actual heart, and there were descriptions of what made childhood special:

Love, Friendship, Loyalty, Fun, Camaraderie.

The poster still hangs from my door to this day.

I guess that's the inspiration behind my new project, #BatangUbecGang. Ever since acquiring my camera I've been itching to take photos of relevant things, photos of something close to my heart. Children definitely are one.

See, childhood---it's such a fleeting thing, especially now that we're living in the #hashtaggeneration. One day they're little kids, the next, they've outgrown you, in more ways than one. I guess they're right when they say the most impermanent things tend to be the most beautiful.

Childhood is where lasting memories are made. It's where dreams and friendships and hopes are manufactured. It's something awesome that we take for granted most of the time. 

So I make portraits of these kids. To tell a story. And hope it lasts a while, like that poster my mum put up in my room more than 15 years ago. :)

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