Sinulog is synonymous to parties and revelry. Beer showers, paint-splattered faces and huge rowdy crowds yelling "Pit Senor!" are a must for a successful celebration. But what if---gasp---you don't like to "party"?

Seriously? Are you for real? Does someone like that actually exist?!

Relax. The world as you know it won't end. I know it seems impossible but there are people who'd much rather stay at the edge of the crowd than dive right in. I've lived in Cebu all my life, but I've yet to experience my first wet-and-wild brand of Sinulog partying. I know, right?

Newsflash: I'm a nerd. I got "introvert" written across my forehead. I like the comfort of my home and indoor plumbing. I love bookstores, quiet cafes and boy band music that's inappropriate for my age group. But I've vowed to be more "outgoing". So why haven't I been to Sinulog party?

Contrary to popular belief, nerds love crowds. I love the crowd, in a way a nuclear scientist loves atomic bombs: with the proper protective gear and appropriate distance. I've had many opportunities to go and just party away. I'm just one of those weirdos who like to watch it from the sidelines. Beer shower? No, thanks. But I'd walk for miles around just to see some awesome street dancers, and to go on a road literally less traveled. A couple of years back, on my first Sinulog without the family, boyfriend and I came face to face with the Baseline crowd. I thought it was stuff of legend, but true to its reputation, Baseline was just a sea of revelers. Naturally, the crowd was in the throes of #YOLO-ing. Naturally, we turned back and took a back road that led us to no other than Jo-ed's Lutong Hapon (it was still  near Sacred Heart School for Girls at that time). Turned out they really had great Japanese food! And also and more importantly, I avoided being jostled. Yey.

Don't be surprised, non-party animals like me also wanna know the feeling of---let me quote from one of my good friends---getting shit-faced drunk.

 There. I said it. Hi, mom. LOL. How does it feel to be slightly inebriated? Will it enhance the Sinulog experience? Most people come because of the tagay so I guess it must. Remember the year they ran out of beer and everyone got pissed off? Almost every party runs on alcohol. Which is funny since alcohol ingestion might just lead me to the ER (gastritis is a bummer) so I've never really attempted gulping down the smallest plastic cup of beer. Might as well down a tetra pack of Chuckie instead. Meh.

I've also yet to try being smothered in paint. I know, I know. Who does that? Or who doesn't do that? I guess people who don't like to get jostled by crowds also generally avoid the trajectory of paint-splattering. So, there.

So what do non-party animals do for fun during Sinulog? My brand of fun is in walking and in the novena masses. I love it when people sing Bato Balani sa Gugma! It gives me goosebumps! Standing there, in the pilgrim center, waving? It warms my heart more than Bacardi ever will. The closing salvo on the last day of mass, where people do "Sinulog" or offer prayers is also my favorite part of the festivities. It's crazy fun! The lyrics of the song is light-hearted and jolly. Check out this cool video of this year's closing salvo right here! This is one crowd I won't hesitate to join. Sinulog, in its core, is a spiritual event after all.

Other things include fooling around and sight-seeing with the family. I guess because I come from a huge family I don't often have to go out of my way to have "fun" and it works for me. I love bumping into long lost friends and crazy tourists who dance in the streets like no one's watching. I love the costumes and crazy floats.

I love this guy too:

Like, a LOT.

Fireworks too!

Sinulog is literally a blast every year, and it's okay to NOT be a party animal, even if the whole city is. It's okay to not want to be wet with beer. Sinulog is a party for everyone, so there's a whole lot of things to see, hear and feel. Definitely lots to do for nerds who don't really like rowdy crowds and can't ingest alcohol. 

What did you do for Sinulog 2015?

I hope you had loads of fun! Til next year! Pit Senor!! :D

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