Here's what you missed on our latest adventure: the friends and I travel against all odds (aka the low pressure area that would be known as typhoon Ruby) to paradise island Malapascua. There were a lot of doubts but finally, we arrived all in one piece and enjoyed the island's fine white sand, amazing food and the oh-so-dramatic drizzle that never dampened the fun sans the sun. Yes, I know it rhymes.

Day 2 of the Malapascua adventure began with a promise of sun in the horizon. The air crisp as those brand new 20-peso bills Mom gives away at Noche Buena. The breeze was a definite sign that Christmas was just waiting in the corner. Breathing in all that cool, salty air cleansed my lungs from all the jeep exhaust and 2nd hand smoke that the city seems to be mass producing lately. Ah, fresh air. Nothing quite beats it. It's a tell-tale sign that you're in the right place.

Mornings are always my favorite part of every beach getaway, so I always make it a point to wake up extra, extra early. 5 am? If I worked in the beach, I will never once be tardy. Beach mornings are beautiful to wake up to since that's one of the only times you can find the world in its quietest and prettiest.

Getting to know the locals are also one of my favorite things. Here a young mom takes her baby out for some early morning, Vit D-inducing sun.

So let's talk breakfast. Like what I've mentioned in part one, food in Malapascua is quite pricey so you gotta be both creative and friendly to get yourself some cheap and filling breakfast. If you don't want to spend a fortune (or don't have any fortune to spend anyway), choose a place that lets you cook your meals instead. Our friends at Dano's Beach Resort were kind enough to let us use their back kitchen to have painit and to cook the canned goods we brought with us.

The back kitchen of Dano's is basic but clean and homey.

Somewhere along the way, breakfast turned into a pool death match between us and some local kids. They were killing us out there.

After a huge breakfast of tortang talong, beef loaf and corned beef, sardines and eggs, we headed out for our great snorkel adventure! 

Photo by our buddy Recam
Remember the nice tour guides aka welcoming committee? 

They'll most likely offer you an island hopping tour complete with a boat ride back to the Maya port. Get it for P3,500 for around 20 people using your mad bargaining skillz. That's really worth it considering the experience you'll get. 

This package should include 3 stops: Dakit-Dakit islet AKA Coral Heaven, a wreck of a Japanese WW2 ship just off the shore AKA Kinda Creepy But Cool and lastly, a marine sanctuary AKA Is This Where Nemo Lives? Oh, and also, it's already inclusive of snorkel gear for everyone. Sulit? Yeah, thought so too.

Photo by our buddy Recam
Photo by our buddy Recam
If Hilutungan is an underwater garden, Malapascua is literally a coral forest! Corals of every color and shape will blow your mind away. The WW2 wreck was really creepy, but interesting as well. Kind of reminds you of the first few scenes of Titanic. We didn't find any Heart of The Ocean though. The last stop, a marine sanctuary, was where I saw my very first sea snake. And yes, I freaked out.

So now I know what you're thinking. Where are photos of said corals, Krish? Sadly, all you see are out fatty, cute, dorky faces for now. LOL. I'll get to buy an underwater camera one day, I promise. But for now, you gotta pack your bags and see the great underwater life for yourself! Or check out this cool website that features awesome photos of Malapascua under water life right here.
Thanks Neil for your GoPro. :D
After wolfing down our sinugba lunch (yum!) (nothing spells island life like a good sinugba on a boat) (yum!), we only had a brief shower before it was time to head back home to the city. *sad face*

But then who wants to go home? Not me, that's for sure. After only two days, one wants to stay in Malapascua forever. Lounge in the beach. Explore the island. Share happy hour with a German backpacker. See the thresher sharks. Watch the sun set over the the horizon where neither the office or traffic or smog can touch you. Albeit its simple facade, there's a myriad of things to do in Malapascua. You can't possibly fit it all in one weekend! 

So here's to our Great Beach Escapade of 2014. It wasn't made with the usual ingredients but I guess that's what made it a tad more memorable. 

What do you think? Thinking of heading out into that great northern road to see Malapascua for yourself for the first time? Or are you one of the smitten ones who just can't get enough? Either way, I sure hope you'd get on that yellow Ceres bus and make that fantasy Great Beach Escapade a reality.

I've been smitten, that's for sure.

  We'll see you again soon, Malapascua! :)

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