Taking photos is one of my favorite things to do in the universe. It doesn't mean that it's been easy! In fact, it's been anything but. Even if I enjoy it a lot, the learning curve is steep. No one ever tells you this but photography is lots of math. 

In fact, it might be the only kind of math I like. Aside from my paycheck, of course.

The bright side is that I can meet and connect with loads of people (which proves that I might not be an full blooded introvert after all). 

I am in love with portraits. The only thing I love more than portraits is taking portraits of my favorite island girls.

These girls are the ones I love taking photographs of. One of the reasons might be because they let me photograph them even when I was still learning the ropes (I still am, help). 

So here are my favorite island girls, in no particular order:


The Ronners and I go way back. Like way way way first grade back. Its so weird because we rarely hang out these days but she's still one of the coolest and best childhood friends I have.

Our first shoot together was for her 18th birthday. 

Can you imagine! The times were different then. No DSLR. Ron was in a jeans and pink shirt. I was armed with nothing but my 5 mp camera and sheer determination. The set was edited over an archaic version of Photoshop, then sent over to Ron using one shady internet cafe cubicle. Hahaha. Gosh. 

Looking back at it now, I would've thought the shoot was a disaster! But the photos turned out great and Ron, me and our friend Christine had a great time. These days this girl is out there being cool over at rondoesthings.com. Our last shoot together was a couple of years ago for 032 and it was equally fun. Can't wait for our schedules to align and shoot again


My go-to girl for fun shoots. Since I've gotten my camera a couple of years ago, Nalen has not only been my willing victim--- she's also been an assistant, stylist and driver. There's even a few photo sets featuring her in the blog, like our Friday Drives Duology and our collab with our friend Pam's jewelry shop, Wear Your Art. Although she appears to be shy, once you're shooting, she's totes game for anything and I love it. Thanks Nalen for being a true friend!


You've seen a lot of Fayette all over the blog. She's my companion in my faux foodie adventures and consequently, one of my dearest friends in the whole world. I can't imagine surviving college and life without this girl. Fay also loves being taken photographs of. So we live in a perfect agreement--- she poses, I click. I love her joyful personality and I love showing it off in our photographs. Her liveliness just shines through with every frame.


My favorite shufa girl. Abe was one of the little kids back in school. She's in the same class as my little brother. Do I have to tell you that this girl is a natural? She's just one of those girls who don't have to try, and who take instruction really well. Even did her own make up, not that she needed much, to be honest. The camera just loves her face, bless her. Our shoot a few months ago was one of my favorites. It was so fun.


Last but not least is my sister, Kriza. 

People have been mistaking my blog for hers since she's in it so much. Som just loves nagging me to take photos of her. It's always gonna be sigi na ba sigi na ba until I give. It wouldn't be a wonder if half of my hard drive would be full of her face. But I gotta give it to her, Som has learned to work it as much as I've learned how to shoot and post-process over the years. Our last shoot was in a new shopping mall in the island. The area that we did the shoot was still not finished, so I don't know if you'd count that as sneaking in? It was high noon and we were just there, left to our own devices. It was fun.

So these are my favorite girls so far!

How did you like our shoots?

I'm available for collabs and bookings for portrait shoots. 

Just drop me a message over at kristiana.rule@gmail.com or at our FB page here and let's go shoot!

Oh and here's me because duh

Shoot soon, 

K x

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