No better time than Christmas to look at all things shining, shimmering and splendid. 

 Last weekend, I got the chance to shoot for my friend Pam's #WearYourArt accessories. It was so much fun! :) Her pieces are stylish, wearable and---listen to this---handmade. Each item is unique, as she hardly ever repeats a design.  The best part is they are all very affordable.  Check out the entire collection here. 

All photographs by yours truly. :)

My favorite piece. Check out the color on the stones. #WearYourArt

As a (beginning) photographer, this was a treat.  

My favorite girl Nalen rocking it as usual. :) This is our second shoot. The first one was our Friday Drives series

Contact Pam if you find anything you fancy! 

This was shot on location at Easy Vacation House in Sogod, where we had our Christmas party. Workationing done right?

Oh hey y'all.

I love shoots like this. Someone was actually a bit hung over from the night before the shoot. But she was a trooper; just put on Russian Red and a baseball cap and she's OK! :) 

You can really see the craftsmanship and thought put into the pieces.

Like what you see? Contact Pam @

Email: Pamoi_3@yahoo.com
Mobile: 09432161213

And contact me if you want a collab for your blog or raket. ;)

PS Here's us:

Happy Christmas loves,

Krish :)

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