It was almost an accident when Fay and I found ourselves entering BIG Hotel a few weeks ago. We were supposed to go to this other new, shiny thing called Unos Design also located just a few steps from her home but, surprise, surprise---they were closed. 

And you'd thought by now I'd have learned a thing or two about checking schedules.

This obviously gave us a reason to walk further and sure enough, we non-schedule checkers found ourselves following the warm, come-hither lights of this newest hotel in Mandaue.

Welcome to BIG Hotel. :)

First things first, this hotel is an eye-candy. It's this wonderful mashup of clean lines, industrial design and warm, homey lights. For something found in the middle of North Reclamation Area, it's surprisingly cozy. And trust me, having spent four years of school in Recle, something cozy is a welcome respite against the dust and truck traffic surrounding the area.

Of course, everything was decked out in full Christmas decor. Fairy lights added to their lobby's charm.

I love how their aesthetic was so thought-out. It's like you can see the people behind the hotel having an actual vision for this place and I think it translates to the guests. It's artsy, it's so now and we loved how it stood out. Their lobby leaves a nice first impression to people coming through the doors.

One part of the lobby is also dedicated to an art gallery, which is great. People need more art in their lives.

And of course, there is a cafe to cater to your sweet tooth.

Upstairs, you can find their convention rooms and a lovely little pocket garden, which was cleverly hidden away from traffic.

Fay and I decided to check out their in-house restaurant for some grub. 
We were kind of hungry and also a bit worried that coming to a hotel might stretch our budget. We may not look it (chos!), but we are just humble working girls without limpak-limpak na salapi to spend on pricey hotel food, after all. Ha!

Surprise, surprise again! Food started out quite affordable here, for a hotel.

These babies were for less than Php200 each.

 I know, right.

Had some baked mussels. They were fresh and buttery. Reminded me of my mum's cooking. Yum!

Fay had some chicken and mashed potatoes. Coconut milk and buttery goodness. :)

Funny how they were on soft opening, and yet their service and food was already great. Their service crew was very prompt and nice. 

Since me and Fay always have a hard time deciding what to eat (probs because half the time we're just pretending to know what the food on the menu really means), the hostess graciously described the dishes, what went with what and how we wanted them to be served. I thought it was sweet and patient of them. And we paid less than what we would have at some other fancy resto in the city. Happy pandas, indeed.

Best thing is that the hotel is just next door to many commercial places like Parkmall, SM and City Time Square and to hospitals like Chong Hua and UC Med. So glad that Mandaue is growing and more places like this can be found in this mostly-industrial city.

Haven't had the chance to stay yet, but some friends stayed the night after some wild partying at LIV Superclub next door and reported good and budget-friendly accommodations. And breakfast buffets for just around Php250? Yes, please, next time! :)

More people should know about this place, its awesome. :)

BIG Hotel is located at A. Seno St., Mandaue City, Philippines beside City Times Square, across Parkmall.

Hit em up:

Landline: (+63) (032) 345 1316 or (+63) (032) 344 1316
Email: reservations@bighotel.ph

Stalk em online:

Happy Christmas in Advance,

K x

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