Sometimes one feels like drowning. Not in a tub, or in a pool of chlorine. Perhaps in an ocean. In midsummer. With a school of tropical fish. Where a slant of light pierces the water just below the surface. 

And then there you are. Drowning, sinking, just going down down down down. The ocean's weight pressing down on you, while you remain weightless, until you feel that you can't breathe anymore, until you forget your need for lungs.

Simply put, life can become quite overbearing sometimes.

I know, I can be quite melodramatic when the need arises.

I haven't gone on a shoot in quite a while. The struggle, really, is finding people who share the same creative intent. It's hard enough to find people with the same schedule, let alone friends who can help you grow creatively. My network in the healthcare industry is frighteningly huge. I know at least a hundred nurses and doctors, some of them dear friends.

 But my photography people, I can count with my fingers. Which is sad if you really want to grow and develop and be good at what you are  doing.

Thankfully there are cousins willing to lend their beautiful faces to help me out of this rut.

I never really thought that the photography scene in the island could be so...competitive. I've always thought it would be easy to make friends, be part of a certain circle. But most of the time, honestly, one rather feels alone in her endeavors. I feel like I have a first class ticket, but the airplane has already left. Or something of that fashion. 

Oh well.

I'll get over this soon. :)

All the best,

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