What do you think of on your jeep ride home?

I think of meet-cutes. You know, how two people destined for each other meet. Because of course I believe in destiny and soulmates and all that sick, unhealthy romantic shiz. Should it be like in a corner table of a cafe? Or will they fight over the last piece of ginabot? Could the girl be a nurse? The boy an engineer? Or a barista? Or a sikad driver? They could be like that viral story I found on Facebook, about this girl (who wasn't gwapa kunuhay) meeting this gwapo boy on a 10H jeep. It was so kilig I kind of fell off my chair for a bit.

I mean what are the chances you'd find the person you're destined for in a 10H jeep, of all places?

It's really kind of funny when life works out that way.

What if, right?

What if God had like a giant book of meet-cutes? No, what if God had a giant Excel file of meet-cutes? What if your name is just there, waiting to be...I don't know, dispatched? Like a universal order of true love or some other lamely named stuff I made up. Like, your date with destiny. Ew, that sounds even worse. Sorry! I know it's especially naive of me to think so but yeah, what if, right?

I have this story in one of my shelves. It's about a girl, a scholarship lame nobody girl in a really popular school. She likes this boy, this super cool devil-may-care boy who doesn't give a crap about anything, really, and who probably didn't notice she was alive. One hot summer class day, she is surprised to find that the boy is waiting for a 01K home. It's the same jeep she rides home, coincidentally. She gulps. Her heart starts to beat real fast. A flurry of thoughts swirl around her brain like a school of frantic fish: what is he doing here doesn't he have his own car this boy doesn't commute oh my gee is my hair okay oh crap I wish I didn't eat all that kwek-kwek earlier. So they ride the same jeep home. It was an awful jeep ride: hot and dusty and sweaty and bumpy. Then, to top it off, the 01K dies in the middle of the road. Just coughs, sputters and dies. Everybody gets down from the jeep and starts to find other jeeps but every other one is full because of rush hour. She starts braving her way down the road when she notices someone fall in step beside her. Wonder of wonders, it is her favorite boy, wearing an uncomfortable, forced smile as he says, "Hey um, you're that girl who mans the front office, right?" A blank stare is all she can manage. The boy tries again, although he's clearly annoyed "Uh, can I walk with you?" he says.

Haha, then they fall in love and then somewhere along the way it involves amnesia. HAHA. Okay, maybe not really. Or maybe it will. I don't know. :)

Meetings like this, they usually don't connote true, everlasting love, but hey. They're pretty nice experiences, right? 

Tell me what you think, will you?

Come at me with your best kilig experience. I need some happy right now. :)