I hope you two don't ever ever break up.
I wish people didn't break up.
Why would you wanna break up with the person you were most in love with?
Why would you wanna hurt someone who gave you their hope and trust and probably lunch money so they could buy you a stupid monthsary gift that would  probably just lay forgotten at the bottom of your nasty closet? With the shards of that person's broken heart? 

I hope people who are truly, deeply, madly in love never break up. I hope they don't believe in all that "I fell out of love" crap because I never will. Call me a disillusioned romantic but logic says you can't fall out of something you fell into. You have to climb out of it. I think "falling out of love" takes conscious effort. Well, not effort, but at least consent. You let it happen. You didn't fight for it, for the both of you. And isn't that just the freaking saddest?

I don't think I ever wanna experience breaking up. I don't think I can survive it. Earlier today I had a dream, that boyfriend had another girlfriend. And she was calling him the way I call him. And they were doing things that we used to do. My dream self was like, WTF? That's not your man, girl, that's mine! And I felt horrible when I woke up.

Is that how it feels when the person you love....replaces you?

 In the off chance I get replaced in this lifetime, she better be smarter or prettier or more talented than me. She better be Kate Beckinsale or the Duchess of Cambridge or Hermione Granger.

 I remember asking boyfriend what he'd do if I ever broke up with him. He just said he'll exact his revenge by being the next Bill Gates and laughing at me from his high and mighty pedestal.

Does it feel like that? Breaking up with the person you love? It shocks me whenever I hear news of divorce after 5, 10, 20 years of marriage. Can you really throw all those years with just a bunch of paperwork and court hearings?

 I really do hope people who were meant together stay together. 

That is my dearest wish to the entire universe: stop separating people who are meant to be. Stop making cynics out of believers. Stop breaking people's hearts.

Intense, I know.

Sometimes I write sane stuff, sometimes I write random rambly stuff. Just because.

Anyway, I saw Crazy Stupid Love earlier, maybe that's why. The kid's middle school graduation speech did if for me. 

I'm gonna write a Happily Ever After Guide for Cynics next time.


Good talk, guys.



  1. wow.. you're blog is so nice! I just can't stop reading. @_@

    1. Wow! Thank you! I also enjoyed writing these for you guys :D :D