You are a wreck of emotions. A whirlwind of indecision.

 You're 20-something and scared of a future looming over you, of a future pointing in so many directions and could possibly blow up in your face one by one. Sometimes you think it's better if there was no choice at all, just to get over everything.

Some days you feel like you can take on anything. Other times, it takes all of your willpower to simply get out of bed and take on the daily grind.

Most of the time, work just feels like the same old record playing over and over, just on a different day of the week. Most of the time, you think there has to be more than the regular nine to five.

Well here's the good news: 

you are alive.

You have been blessed with life, talent, family. When you were younger, the world was simpler and you thought you could do anything. Then life came along and tainted you with disappointment, bills, politics and paychecks. But look here, beautiful. Look at the bigger picture. 

God has never failed and He won't start with you, or now, or ever.

 It's easier to think of life's mundane details but the truth is you are blessed beyond belief. You have strength in your bones and fire in your heart.

 You can go take the world. 

You don't have to be scared. You don't have to be wrung out so high and dry because you're too young for that.

Now is the time to go out there. The world is yours. Go out and get it.


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