There's a new phrase for abject horror these days. I call it The DMD Traffic sa Old Bridge. Juice colored. Where is this hell coming from?

Everyday hundreds of people suffer through this ordeal. Minutes--up to hours of waiting. A sampler of EDSA traffic right in the island. What is going on, Cebu? What happened to 15 minutes driving time and lazy joyrides? I've always prided in Cebu not having THIS kind of traffic but even that simple joy has been taken away from us Cebuanos.

I don't wanna rant about the government and my taxes because that's another story (quite a long one too. With lots of expletives). Lord, I just want this traffic spell to be over. I hope this is just a phase. I love Cebu with all the tiny bits of my heart. I can't bear to watch it turn into a polluted, congested, fugly gray urban jungle. 

Before, I never had to crane my neck and see if the next car up ahead is moving. Never had to feel the other person's sweat against my own sweaty arm whilst I sit in a packed jeep for such a long period of time. Heaven knows I'd do anything not to sit in this kind of hellsent traffic and wait and wait and wait until my phone runs out of battery from listening to too many songs in my waiting-in-the-traffic playlist. 


In short, I'd do anything to live in a city my future children can live in. I want a livable Cebu.

What do you say? Is this crazy traffic driving you mad, too?

God help us.


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