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Everybody is getting married. No, I mean it, everybody is. All of my friends are getting married.  Even our LGBT friends in America are getting married. 

Is it a trend? A mass epiphany where everyone in my age group simultaneously decided to become adults and embrace the joy of holy matrimony? Whatever it is, if one decides on having a wedding, a good---nay, a great--- photography team should be there to capture this rare moment in one's life. And dear old Cebu is just teeming with them.

Your wedding photos should be as beautiful as your marriage. It should be love in freaking megapixels. And wedding photography is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of talent, patience and hand-eye coordination to be a good wedding photographer. There are no take twos after all. And with that being said, here is a short list of my favorite Cebu photographers. :)

1. Blinkboxphotos

© Blinkboxphotos

Oh, first up on my list is Blinkboxphotos. They are your perfect kind of dreamy and quirky. Their photos have the easy-breeziness of first love; it is all light and cherry blossoms and laughter. I really don't know how to describe it better. Whenever I see their work I either want to be them, or be shot by them.

And the fact that Blinkboxphotos is made up of a married couple who are originally street photographers (hi, sir Burtz!) is just beyond me. They're not just a photography team, but a love team as well. Ha! See what I did there!

Check out more of their work and package rates right here. :)

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2. Mark Cantalejo Photography

© Mark Cantalejo Photography

Mark Cantalejo Photography is high drama and romance. Although Cebu-based, sir Marky has clients from Paris to NY to Japan. Talk about jet-setting. And with this amount of talent, it's really no wonder. I remember him shooting my cousin's wedding a few years back and I was just awestruck with how they worked. The concepts that they had in mind. Their love for the light. After the wedding, the only thing on my mind was, "I want a job as cool as this!"

Check out more of his lovely work right here.

© Mark Cantalejo Photography

3. Rainbowfish Cebu

© Rainbowfish Cebu

I stumbled upon Rainbowfish one day and was like, hey I know these people! My friends and I have been following these kids since the old DeviantArt days and it was so great to see them succeed as photographers. The amount of talent that we have in Cebu is just amazing. This team's kind of photography is my current goal. Rainbowfish is laid-back and candid. I love how their team captures the little things that make a wedding so special. From smiles and silly gestures, they never seem to miss a thing.

Check out more of their coolness right here.

© Rainbowfish Cebu

Know any other cool wedding photographers based in Cebu? I'm sure there are a lot more! Let me know, loves. :)

Til next time!

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