A lot of people overlook the beauty of this suburban area because of its sheer distance from the heart of the city. And while anyone can agree with that, nothing quite beats the quiet and lovely afternoons Cordova has to offer.

Now that the rest of the city is becoming busier and busier---what with all the high-rise buildings and malls and cafes sprouting like mushrooms after a thunderstorm---a secret hideaway is a refreshing break from it all. Cordova offers no frills, just a simple down-to-earth hangout by the sea. Pack some pancit canton and an ice-cold Coke and you're good to go.

It was quite the thrill, coming here. A pleasant surprise, even, since I didn't know places like this still existed. It's a legit hideaway. Most of Mactan is inhabited by giant resorts and commercial places after all. Punta Engano has turned into a Korean town whilst the beloved Day-as has become what's now known as Lantaw Floating Restaurant. I was glad that this place still existed.

It was literally a breather to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Pollution-free, guaranteed. In Cordova there aren't any huge cargo ships or noisy cars. Just a few friendly fisherfolk out to get a catch.

And of course, it's mandatory to bring photogenic little kids and their pretty moms. My cousins and our friends had a nice, laid-back time. No wifi to distract us from each other. Just honest-to-goodness bonding without the need for hashtags. It seems so rare nowadays.

And then this happened:

Did we tell you it's a nice place to light fireworks, too?

How to get here? If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret hideaway now, would it?

Til next time! :)

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