Happy Holidays!

What is cooking goodlooking! Haven't posted in a bit, I know. Caught up in the holiday whirlwind as per usual. Family dinners, trips to downtown to find the cheapest goods, and hangouts with long lost friends and relatives filled my entire month. You know what this means right?

I'll be flooding my ass out in a bit!

Looking forward to share our Malapascua adventure (it was an interesting boat trip that included an in-case-we-don't-survive-this video message), a hangout with mum in this almost-secret cafe in Lapu-Lapu, crazy Christmas stories, and perhaps the unboxing of my very first DSLR (crossing my fingers for that one!)

How about you? What made your holiday month? I hope it was a great one!

So for now, here's us! Happy Christmas and New Year everyone! :D

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