Out of the Island: Manila

 I've always had a love-hate relationship with Manila. The hustling, the bustling, the traffic! It makes an island person instantly homesick for trees and the sea and jeepneys with codes. I can't stand the giant malls filled with people or the constant rattling of the trains that keep me awake at night. Also, hearing the people talk makes me think I'm in a teleserye. Not to mention I can't speak a word of Tagalog without dropping my Bisaya accent, which makes things either interesting or just plain difficult. 

Ironically though, some of my best memories are of Manila. One of them was this photowalk by Manila bay. I secretly love this place. The CCP grounds have some quiet nooks and crannies that hide you away from the rest of Imperial Manila. This photowalk made me re-evaluate my perception of Manila. Perhaps I've misunderstood its beauty all this time.

It was an overcast Monday, the last day of my visit. My cousin was to fly to New York shortly after I leave so we just really had to have this walk.

 I'll let the photos do the talking from here. 

Early morning commuters.

Manila has this "always rushing" aura, like people can't wait to get from one place to another. I guess that's what you'll expect from a sprawling metropolis. Time don't trickle in Manila. You gotta run after it.

Caught this old gentleman lost in thought.

A fisherman cleans his catch along the banks of Manila Bay.

Perhaps next time, I'll be gutsy enough to brave the streets of Recto and Baclaran. But for now, I'm pretty happy about this day and the photos that we took. Under the smog, Manila can be very enlightening.

Still can't speak a straight Tagalog sentence though!

Til next time. :)

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