Is the cold weather starting to make you gloomy, too? Do you miss the summer sun? Yeah me too. Sometimes I wish the Philippines would get recognition for things other than Super Typhoons. Maybe then I wouldn't be sitting here with my emergency evacuation bag whilst typing a post. Kidding! Well, not really. It's in the other room, along with my flashlights and canned goods. Better be safe than sorry!

As typhoon Ruby slowly makes it way across the archipelago, here's a little bit of summer sunshine to get us through this cold, windy times. Let's go back to where typhoons were far away and there was only happiness in Pandanon Island.


 Pandanon is a small island about 30 minutes away from Mactan. It's technically part of Bohol already. It was great that we knew some people who could get us there cheaper than most travel packages. Thanks, Kuya Nani! We rented a boat good for about 30 people and headed out from the port of Cordova. Ah, can you just feel the warm sun on your skin? It was one of those days.

The island is home to a fishing village. Most of the residents live on this side of the beach. It was a Saturday, but strange enough, we found dozens of kids making their way out of school.

Beautiful locals.
Shady business. It was quite hot so some of the kids used this boat for some shade. :)
Pandanon is famous for its amazing white sand bar that juts out into the sea. Funny enough, we went there on a high tide so sand bar? No where in sight. But the beach was still perfect!
What we wouldn't give for some sun and sand right now.

Our island hopping crew, care of Kuya Nani, was kind enough to prepare our food for us. We brought chicken and pork to sugba whilst on the island. And don't forget your puso! For dessert was fresh fruit and masi. Kuya Nani also got us fresh seafood from nearby Hilutungan Island. I could live in the island life forever.

Can't go on a trip without the obligatory jumpshot!
 The island has a lot of foreign tourists lounging around. Sometimes it feels like you're in another place altogether, Aside from enjoying the fine white sand beach, it's also a nice place to snorkel. Fish swim just along the beach. Sand dollars were everywhere!
Mr. Gantuangco and I.
 Oh, what I wouldn't give to have summer back! After enjoying Pandanon, we headed to the Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary where I had the best snorkel of my life! But that's another story!

Stay safe everyone! Always be prepared! Let's pray typhoon Ruby would leave the soonest so that we can have our summer weather back!

Heading home after a day in the sun.

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