Postcards From Home: Qatar

My name is Krista and I am working as a Senior Customer Service in one of the most prestigious airlines in Qatar.

Here's what I miss most about home: celebrating birthdays, Christmas, new year and festivals with family and friends. 

We tend to celebrate all of it regardless of what we have. We laugh, catch up and plan for the next occasion. Ahh, can’t wait to be there soon to celebrate with them again.

The scariest thing about leaving home is my kids not recognizing me as their mom. 

But I manage it by constantly calling them, video chats and going home once or twice a year.

Living abroad is not easy at all. I work, eat, sleep and repeat. People are sometimes not so good with you, but you need to stay for you to earn. I do all the things on my own while I need to pay a lot of bills from home.

We socialize less socialize coz you need to think what the family needs before spending each penny. I cry sometimes coz I just want to be with family and cherish every single time with them but it’s not possible coz I am also doing what something for their future.

I don't have plans of living here for good. 

But the good thing is since I work in the airline industry, I get to travel the world so easily.

Parting Words?

Be strong and have plans. We never know when or what will happen to us as we go to this path. Pray, love and have faith. God is guiding us all the way.

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