If you've been following me here on KFTI, then you'd probably know that I spent most of my adult life as a call center girl. It's not an easy industry to thrive in. And I know it's unbelievable but there are actually some things I miss about hustling nights and working for the big bad BPO industry.

I can't believe I'm saying this but here's 6 things I miss about working in a call center:

Breakfasts and Mornings

Ask anyone. Breakfasts are some of the best parts of working nights. It basically heralds the end of the working day. I love the crisp morning air (ugh, given that no one is smoking like the Hogwarts express nearby) and getting out of the office just as the sun is rising. I love seeing the condensation on the windows of Jollibee as I eat my burger steak and finish it off with some Peach Mango Pie. Working in a call center may not be the most glamorous jobs there is, but it sure gives good breakfasts.

Team Buildings

I guess with the right people, team buildings can be one hell of fun. Most of my travels documented here on the blog are results of team buildings. Whether they turned out good (OMG, Ilocos) or slightly dangerous (OMG, Malapascua), the bottom line was that I had lots of fun with the people I was with. I miss the outrageous things we did, and the far-off places we went to. Say what you will about BPO people, but they do know how to throw team buildings. You don't even have to spend a fortune to have fun.

Solving Really Tough Problems

Lol, call it Stockholm Syndrome if you will. I actually miss the difficult parts of the job. You know why? Because it's really quite rewarding to solve a problem and be genuinely thanked for it. It actually made the job fulfilling. If I got a very, very difficult claim and managed to solve it, I'd give myself a discreet high-five. Taking calls is tough, and grateful callers are a rare breed. But when you do encounter them, though, it really does feel quite fulfilling.

Hassle-Free Government Transactions!!!

Oh my, do I miss this. I never had to line up for an SSS transaction during the duration of my employment. The government services went to us, not the other way around. Ha, this is one thing the lazy girl in me misses with a vengeance.

Buying Milktea at 3 AM

There was a milk tea shop near my building. Whenever I felt stressed I'd go down there during my break and buy myself a nice tall matcha milk tea with pearls. You really don't get to do that when you're working during the day. It was some kind of novelty, to have my break times at really odd hours. It's one of the quiet, almost idyllic things about my BPO  life.

Fireworks on New Year's Eve

Working on holidays sucks. I always work on New Year's and because of this, I always have the most beautiful view of fireworks. 9 floors up, you can see the entire city light up with festivity. It's a special kind of wonderful. :)

The BPO Life Is Hard

Sus, tabang. It's not easy, let me tell you that. Working nights does nasty things to you. Most of the time I was begging it to be over. Now that I've finally closed that chapter in my life, you'd wonder why I miss some parts of it. I really don't know why, either. Maybe it's because I spent a significant chunk of my life there. I know IT Park like the back of my hand. You really can't help but be fond of some things.

Ever worked for the BPO industry? What's the thing you miss most?

Let me know in the comments below!

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