June always brings some kind of nostalgia, doesn't it? The summer heat lifts and in its place comes cool, rainy days and the smell of new notebooks and school supplies. Admit it, you kind of miss school. Not the Advanced Algebra part, that's for sure (Sorry Ma'am Amodia!). But there's just something in the air that makes you miss how easy it was being a student.

There were no taxes and bills to think about. No metrics, no SSS contributions, no license renewals. All you had to do was show up, fool around with friends, do your homework, and pass the tests. And your parents gave you money for doing that! It was an easy life, besh. We had it good.

 Also when you're still in school, you kind of believe that everything was possible. 

You were passionate. Idealistic. There were so many things you wanted to pursue, so many places you wanted to go. You were so sure you'll change the world when you graduate. You wouldn't be one of those "adults" who only lived from paycheck to paycheck.

And then reality crashes down around your ears and hey, life isn't so easy without mom and dad's allowance now, is it? Everything you want, you have to earn hard. Chase your passion was a good idea until you realized that your passion didn't really pay the bills. And to your horror, you're slowly turning into the workaholic adult you swore you wouldn't become.

Scary, no?

It kind of is.

But besh, it doesn't have to be that way. 

While I agree that adulting is hard, it doesn't have to take away that spark for life. Adulting doesn't have to take away your passion. If anything, it's the perfect time for you to chase it. How? Turn it into a side-hustle.

Here's one obvious thing that we take for granted: we live in the internet age, something none of the past generations had. We're millennials! Our generation can connect easier, faster, wider. Anything you want to learn is on the internet. The people you wanna reach are literally one post away. The businesses and careers that you want to build are right at your fingertips. The internet is not just for selfies or cat videos. It's a resource. A useful one. There is absolutely no reason for you not to pursue the things you want, because you can. You just have to make time for it.

Since I've worked a desk job for 5 years, I think I can say this from experience: 

Find a side hustle, and find time to do it. 

You get the same 24 hours as Beyonce, and she's killing it. No reason for you not to do the same.

For me, it's blogging and selling books. I blogged and sold books for little to no pay, but I did it anyway because it made me happy. I might've kept a 9-5 corporate job, but after, I worked on my side hustles just as hard. Now, I managed to quit that job and started writing professionally. From books, I now sell real estate properties on the side. I still blog and I'm finding ways to monetize it, too. In the grand scheme of things, these may be little things. But it's a great step in pursuing what you truly want.

 Here's what I learned besh: if you're just waking up to work and vice versa, that's going to be your life forever. You'll be stuck in a rat race. It's going to be just one weary cycle from there, and it will eventually kill any passion left inside you. 

Don't let that happen. Life's too short to be lived timidly. And adulting doesn't have to take away that spark. Again, now is as good a time as any. 

Here's one scrappy piece of advise: Turn your passion into your side hustle and chase it. Run it down. Tackle it to the ground. You'll find that somewhere, you're still that kid with a dream. It's going to be a hard ride, but you'll know it's worth it. :)

Soooo that's what made my week! What made yours?

K x

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