I love Japanese anything. I love their art, their culture, their food...heck, I even love their quirky trends and styles. And so I was very, very ecstatic when I found myself in the midst of a Japanese culture whirlwind (in the best way, of course!) this summer.

Welcome to Bon Odori 2017! :)

For the past couple of years, I've always wanted to go to Bon Odori; it's the closest I can get to Japan (for now!). In Japan, Bon Odori is a style of dancing meant to welcome the spirits of the dead. In Cebu, it's a celebration of Japanese culture. 

 I've only heard good things about it: it's fun, full of cosplay and yukata and great Japanese food. 
This year we celebrate the 4th Bon Odori Summer Festival at the Sugbo Grounds at SRP.  I guess it just keeps getting bigger and better each year! :)

Entrance fee was only Php20. Inside, it's food and drinks galore. It was pretty hard to choose which one to try first; it was as if every Japanese store in Cebu was at the venue. There was ramen, takoyaki and okonomiyaki, gyoza and sake of all sizes and shapes. We spotted familiar food from Skillet and Go Go Cafe among loads other shops selling authentic Japanese food.

The result? We ended up with a banana chocolate dorayaki.

We were just in time for the Japanese karaoke contest. The winner sang something from Voltes V! (I knew all the words, but don't tell anyone)

Since Bon Odori is done in high summer in Japan, people often wear colorful yukata (or cotton kimono) to the festival. 

Since it's basically summer all year round where we're from...I guess it's yukata all year round for us, too. :)

Lotsa fun and games to be had! There was live mochi making, karate demo, and cosplay and yukata contests.

And the sunset is just awesomesauce. Very dramatic and pretty. Serious Kimi no Nawa vibes right there.

These very ~sexeh~ gentlemen from Daredemo Hero can be found roaming around for photo ops. :D

I don't think they're very shy. At all. 

There was free shuttle service from the venue to SM Seaside City. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the fireworks, but all in all it was a good trip!

My first ever Bon Odori Summer Festival was subarashi! :)

Looking forward to next year's event. Or, God-willing, maybe we can finally have our first ever authentic Bon Odori in Japan? We'll see!

How did your Bon Odori go?

Let us know in the comments below! :)

All the love,

K x

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