All it takes is one trip to the cafe, really. One moment, you're catching up with your friends and another, you realize you're surrounded by college kids.

The operative word being: kids.

Kids with piles of textbooks in front of them, headphones plugged into their ears, highlighters strewed all over the coffee-stained table. And then you remember, weren't we one of them not so long ago? But that couldn't be because these kids look so young and clueless. Meanwhile, here you are talking about SSS contributions and paid vacation leaves.

And then reality strikes:

You're not some wide-eyed college girl anymore (nope, that was a few years ago)

You've been part of the work force for just as long

You get really tired of the idea of partying in loud, messy crowds

You're sick of boys who are indecisive, immature, self--- wait. You're sick of boys in general. Your tastes are headed towards men now, babe.

...and last but not the least, you have real live nieces, nephews and various other godchildren you hide from during the holiday season.

And poof: you've become a tita (just like Koko Krunch!)

A part of it makes you scared as fudge. Because how did you change without consciously knowing it?

There's a part of you that can't quite believe it. How did we get from alcohol-starved teens to tax-paying citizens? How did we get from fresh-out-of-college to a tenured professional? Or a parent? Or,  yikes--- a tita?

A part of my brain feels like it's forever 21--- and it's not the clothing brand. It's funny how little changes over the years account for our major tastes in clothing, music, relationships and career.  

But it's really not so bad, though

What I can appreciate being in my mid-twenties is that it gives me a wider perspective of things. I think, when you're younger, all you can think about it how to get by from one semester to another.
How to pass a test, impress this boy, etc. You're so full of hoping and aren't capable of actually doing yet.

Being one of the titas, I think, is proof that you've well passed the young and hungry stage and have now moved on to the young and focused era. You've burned all that curiosity and recklessness and are now ready to go after the things you want. Because now, you actually know what you want. And you know just how to get it. Or at least, trying really hard to get it.

Are you ready for life as a tita?

You might not be the wild teenager you once were, and that's really okay.

My teenage years were spent with regrettable emo haircuts so, that's really a double okay for me. I think that now, we're better versions of ourselves, and it can only get better from here.

And if you were to choose, would you keep on staying like the wide-eyed, carefree, clueless kid you once were?

Or would you rather be this independent kind-of grown up who is slowly figuring her life out?

So to take from one of my favorite pop-punk bands,

We got older, but we're still young.

You're just a better version of that kid, tita.


All the love,

K x

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