Adulting (ah-dool-ting) - noun; meaning, to act as an adult

That's some case of over-simplification, Merriam. Like, really. So many areas you're not covering there, such as: how do I get a new job? Or, should I leave the country? Or, how do you even pay taxes? And these are just the basic questions.

The thing is, they never teach you how to adult in school. 

Yes, we know the maths and the chemistries and the revisions of papers---but does anyone ever hold a class on how to be financially independent? Do they ever teach you how to make your budget to last as long as it should? Or how to make use of the left over food from last night's shindig? I mean, these are important things!

I've these thoughts in  mind since, well, I technically am in the process of, yes, adulting. Just in that phase in life where you're working hard towards a goal and wondering if all your efforts will be enough. Anxious if you're making the right decisions.

How did life become so complicated?

Then , yesterday at church, I heard the sermon: God telling me not to worry. As in those specific words. 

Do. Not. Worry.

Let tomorrow take care of it's own worries. I was so worried about so many things that God decided to just hand over the entire Chapter Six of the book of Matthew straight to my face to reassure me that everything will be alright. It got me straight up crying in Redem!

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? (Matthew 6:26)

Can it get more beautiful than that? In this time and age, I think it's so easy to get jaded. It's so easy to lose faith. And it's very tiring to carry the world's weight on your shoulders. Yesterday, I realized that I didn't have to. 

Leap of faiths are scary to me. My limbs are short, and my leap is, so not leap-y. But I guess, it's high time to take heart. 

So if you are like me--- the quintessential worry-wort---- take a deep breath. You got this, because God's got you. :)

Have a great week ahead! :)


K x

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