Hi everyone!

I've been gone for what seems like years. I've been caught in a whirlwind of chores, deadlines, and travel! Guess where we were this time?

It's none other than the wonderful Davao!

It's my first time in Mindanao after, like, two decades so I was pretty stoked to get on that plane and have a wild adventure in the country's biggest city and beyond.

Here's a preview of where we went and what we did. Full length posts coming soon!:

Camp Sabros

Somewhere in the hills opposite Mount Apo is Camp Sabros, a little Baguio just a couple of hours from the city. It was literally a breath of fresh mountain air and great mountain views. More on that as we go along. :)

Sleeping Dino

Breathtaking, rugged and untamed--- that's basically what the natural beauty of Mati is. Here's a formation fondly called the Sleeping Dino. It's wonderful and humbling to have natural wonders like this. Later, we catch some waves in Dahican Beach and meet a sperm whale called Davor. Stay tuned!

Davao City

We can't possibly touch down Davao without experiencing the city's delights. We meet some crocs and eat some strange ice cream called Crocodile Durian and then some.

All this and more coming soon!

Stay tuned loves.

(And advanced happy holidays!)


K x

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