It's an easy enough scenario. Person asks, (quite enthusiastically) "Oh, you have a blog! What do you blog about? Fashion? Food? Travel?"

And with a straight face I respond: "Feelings. I blog about feelings."

More or less the person asking me would either 

1. Crack up, thinking I was joking (because who blogs about feelings, right?
2. Crack up, thinking that I'm serious and finds it funny anyway
3. Straight up stares

Okay, I've said this before and I'll say it again. I know it's not 2006 anymore. 

People don't "blog" about feelings. 

They don't post rants on MySpace or LiveJournal. The attention span of the masses is dwindling. I better do my best to catch your attention and get my point across in 6 seconds or less. So why bother?

I don't know, maybe because I'm just particularly good at feelings. I'm good at conveying them, if I would say so myself. You know why?

I'm a drama queen.

A resting bitch face I may have, but underneath this armor is a softie who cries watching McDo commercials and some such shit. Haha, ok maybe not really, but kind of. Close enough. I love drama. I love feels. When someone passes by my blog I want them to leave with either lighter hearts or fuller minds.

I wish I could write about fashion as enthusiastically as my other friends do, or get up from my sofa and ride a Ceres bus on a whim and go on a crazy adventure and live to tell the tale. I do, truly.

But nooooo.

I had to write about feelings.

Okay sometimes I blog about travel and food and my shoots too, but writing about feelings just clicks. If I don't write it, who will? And more importantly, if I don't write it, what will become of me? I'll go insane, that's for sure.

Most of the feelings posts that I put up are either from my own experiences or others.

The root-cause analyses series are mostly for the benefit of my friends who keep asking me why they don't have boyfriends yet.

The how-to-be-shufa guide is for the college version of me who felt little against the gorgeous girls back in college.

The post dedicated to the girl who broke her heart was for all the friends who've gotten their hearts broken. I found out that I have a lot.

See, there's a whole trove of the, you only need ask.

So again, when someone asks me what KFTI is all about, I can say sometimes it's life in the island, photography and a bit of travel, but mostly, it's all about #feelings.


Let me know what you think!

All the love, 

K x

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