People often overlook Compostela as "that little town between Liloan and Danao". Nothing much to see, just something we literally pass by on the way to grander destinations up north. Well, lovely, you'll be surprised at the little wonderful secrets you'd discover if you just look closer.

A lazy Saturday afternoon led us to this beach in my aunt's backyard. 

We took  brambly paths behind houses, climbed over a low wall (you can jump over it, if you were tall enough), encountered some dogs who curiously barked at us and met some weird smell that reminded us of pig farms.

Fifteen minutes later, we found ourselves here.

The smell of the sea is refreshing, the water calm and vast before you. On our right was the mouth of the river which snakes its way higher up inland. For someone whose beaches have been taken right under her nose by big, beautiful corporations to be turned into big, beautiful resorts that rake in the moolah, places like these remind me of how my island home used to be.

Somewhere so simple, it doesn't even have a name.

Somewhere you can take your shoes of and watch as a crowd of local boys play Pak Ganern on the brown-sand beach.

Somewhere you can run away to, if for a bit. The highway is just a short walk away, after all.

We ended up with sunburnt faces but it was quite worth it. Nothing like a wonderful day by the sea, in one of the most overlooked and unlikely places

Any secret adventures you wanna share?

Tell us all about it!

All the love, 

K x

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