With the rainy season in full force, we have resorted spending quality time with our fictional boyfriends. They may exist in books but sometimes, they're just as hard to get over as the real ones. Here is a consice guide on how to get over said fictional boyfriend.

1. Allow more time


Your heart is reeling from feels. Allow time to heal, recuperate and adjust to the real world. Estimated turnaround time may take as short as 3 days or as long as 389,230 days, depending on  awesomeness of said fictional character. Rhysand from ACOMAF, for example, is taking us a lot of time to get over with. (It's been a month, Rhys, get out of my head)

2. Engage in diversional activities


May include outdoor sports ie running, badminton and swimming. Unless swimming reminds you of a certain demigod who loves the sea (we're looking at you, Percy Jackson), then you really are kind of doomed. Try doing Maths.

3. Express feelings

3.1 Acquire a pen and paper and write little hearts around said fictional boyfriend's name. If someone asks why Cage York is scribbled all over scratch papers, promptly deny association.

3.2 Log onto Tumblr. Exhaust all tags concerning fictional boyfriend. Although if your fictional BF is Dick Gansey from the Raven Cycle it might take a bit.


3.3 Social media is not a suggested outlet for feelings, unless your friends don't mind a bit of a flood. They were ok when we ranted about Will Traynor from MBY, but one must take precaution as you may unwittingly spread spoilers.

4. Support group


If preoccupation of said fictional character is affecting activities of daily living, one may resort to support groups. It is a safe place for to express strong feelings, where one is not judged. Everyone is fangirling so it is acceptable. Thank heavens for Goodreads and my awesome local book club, OTSP Cebu.

5. Discover other outlets for recovery


In other words, fanfiction and fanart. We suggest a dose of Archive of our Own or Fanfiction.net, OD, 1-2 hrs per dose. You would find a lot of talented writers and fan theories. Clinically proven to aid the affliction called Inability to Wait Patiently For Next Book To Come Out.

Well, that's all that we have for now.

If you have any other means of getting over your fictional boyfriend, please let  us know. :)

All the love,

K x

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