Great moments pass by if you're careless

Oh indeed they do. That's why when we got word that Urbandub will be in town for a rare sighting, we got up from our lazy Sunday naps and headed to SM Seaside City.

It was a nice sunny Fathers' Day afternoon. We frantically ran to the beautiful Skypark, thinking we were late. But as it is with shows, we were actually early. 

Opening for Urbandub was Made by Machina an up-and-coming band under 22 Tango Records. How do we classify them? A pretty love child of techno, rock and triphop? Their tracks were refreshing, albeit them being a bit crowd-shy. So glad the music is alive and well in the island in their hands. :)

Shortly after their set, these homeboys came:   

To which the crowd welcomed with applause. Ah, we've waited for you ever-long to come home. Guess it only takes a Fathers' Day gig to reel these guys in after such a long time.

This Urbandub is slightly different: we have Gabby and John with Russ (my secret crush from Faspitch don't tell him) (I've loved you since CDU, Russ) (Maybe it isn't wise to write my undying love for him here). Our girl Lalay Lim has traded the band life for a quiet family life, whereas drummer boy extraordinaire Janjan has long since fled to Oz or NZ.

Oh but the music is still the same, if not better. :)

Parked car, this night sky

You know how the rest goes.

In this acoustic set we were treated to old school favorites like New Tattoo and First of Summer, but with fresh twists. Leave it to Urbandub to innovate and make something new out of their classics.

At some point they asked us to come closer, because it felt weird with us being so far away.

Like, this close?

Feeling close.

Remember our Influence Night adventure? We were this close to throwing ourselves at Russ's feet, too, but we're cool so we didn't do that. It was a great night, too.

The set was short, because I am a fan and I can't really get enough of these guys. This was the first time my brother and sister saw them live and I loved the look on their faces when they realized that Udub was that good live.

Bless their little hearts.

From the moshpits to these laid-back gigs- I'd watch these guys any day.

Until next time, Urbandub!


K x 

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