When my article about being a first time dog owner came out a few weeks ago in zerothreetwo, I was almost positive Albus would make it out of the woods. My little boy looked like the poster puppy for perfect health in the article.

It gave me a surge of hope in his battle against distemper. But I guess even the toughest dogs have to give in to the disease. We lost Albus exactly a week ago. :( 

I'll try not to cry whilst writing this article (lol, currently sobbing). But I've never had a dog before, and so this is my first time confronting this kind of grief. Before this, I didn't even know you could mourn for a dog. If you don't have an idea, it's like I lost a child I truly loved. So, how to do you say goodbye to a furry friend?

Being Sad Is Okay

Dogs are extremely loyal and loving pets. They capture your heart with their sunny dispositions and wagging tails. I learned that being sad for the loss of a pet is a valid emotion. It's okay to be sad, because you just lost a friend. Even if he gave you a hard time during baths.  Allow yourself to mourn. Dogs aren't "just animals". They are companions and you will miss their presence in your life. I still feel sad whenever I see the lounge chair he used to as a "throne".

In my case, I cried for two whole days and needed liberal amount of matcha frappe. I still am sad, obviously, but I'm doing so much better than last weekend.

Remember the good times

It is important to remember that your pet lived a good life, albeit how short. Albus was barely a year old, so that hurt. Distemper--- a fatal viral disease that targets their respiratory and nervous systems-- also took so  much from him. He had a really hard time, especially because he is such an energetic dog. But I had to keep in mind that his stay was full of love and friends and we had so much fun during our short time together. We went on walks, he had a lot of dog and human friends and an endless supply of water bottles to crush. I bet he was a happy trooper.

Celebrate Their Lives

One friend told me that he is in a better place now and that I should celebrate his life. Me and my siblings threw a pizza party to celebrate this little boy. We made a video compilation of his crazy antics. I realized how crazy he was, chewing corn and paper and pieces of rope. Indeed, there's no one like you, little boy.

Keep Their Memories Alive By Giving Love To Other Furry Friends

I'm working my way to this. One day, when I've finally gotten over this loss, maybe I can open my doors to a new dog and share my home with another furry friend. I read that sometimes, owners can feel "disloyal" about getting a new dog. The trick is knowing that the dog you've lost is irreplaceable--- you're not replacing them and their memories, you're just making space for new ones. :)

I'll miss you forever, buddy. You put up a good fight, even towards the end. You're a brave little boy. You were our little ball of energy and I'm glad to have shared a part of my life with you. Thank you for learning how to sit--- even if that's the only trick you've learned aside from toilet training. I love you, Albus Dumbledog. :)


I hope you're not messing heaven up too much 


K x

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