Last November, I won  Photo Diaries' Visual Storytelling contest. :)

I wasn't able to tell everyone about it here because
1. Work was cray
2. This involved a lot of mixed feelings
3. Said mixed feelings took a long time to process

But now, (as I wait for my prizes to be shipped in, lol [it's all about the prizes now isn't it]) I've had a bit of time to reflect and think about how thankful I am to have won it. 

See, I don't think I'm the best photographer out there, in terms of gear and technical know-how. I'm playing this all by ear. Whenever I go into a photography forum and read a thread about terms and techniques and stuff, my head gets woozy and I feel so inadequate, what with my "entry-level camera" and "nifty fifty lens". Winning this seemed like a validation that I'm hopefully, in the right track.

And that photography needn't be about how fast your lens are, or how expensive your gear is. Stripped of all these, photography is just...story telling.  With light and color and pixels instead of words.

Photography is beautiful because it's reach is universal, its effect near-instant, its message bold. 

I guess that's the reason I love it, and the reason why I keep wanting to get better. Not just because I want it as a career but, well, I want to tell stories. :)

Check out Banawe Corvera and her awesome work here.


Krish. :)

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